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Video Publishing and Optimization

Video optimization is when one applies SEO practices to online video content. Therefore, there is maximum exposure across all search engines to your target audience. Video content is used in a combination with the best general practices used for SEO. It is not all about syndicating your videos across a multitude of sites, instead, it’s more of a strategy based on two methods of approach.


Types of Video Publishing and Optimization

There are just two main strategies for video publishing and optimization, both of which work very effectively. The first strategy is hosting a video on your website and applying SEO practices to it. This way your optimizing video content that is found on your website. Another way to use video optimization is posting it onto sharing sites or social media outlets. You are still using the same SEO practices when uploading your video to these sites, syndicating the content and distributing it out to your target audiences. However, if you want to publish a video and optimize it the best way possible, then take advantage of both strategies.

Benefits of Hosting Videos

When it comes to your website, the goal is to generate as much traffic as possible. And when you publish a video on your site, there are benefits of that, one being that you have more control over your content. Also, the on-page text you use and the user-experience is all in your hands. You are also able to measure the traffic more effectively and directly, while also exposing the rest of the content on your website, ultimately strengthening your site’s overall SEO.

Benefits of Posted Videos

With this type of strategy, your goal is more concerned with generating views, gaining more brand recognition, and producing more buzz over your content. This strategy allows you to expose your company to a larger audience and receive more organic searches over time. Also, if your SEO rankings are already in good standing, then posted videos is an easy way to show up on search results.

How Does Video Publishing Affect Overall Site SEO?

The great aspect about video publishing is that it can generate interest and more website traffic. Your site’s rankings will improve and if you decide to use published videos, then you’ll have more opportunities to drive traffic based on universal searches and organic search results. On the opposite side of the spectrum, search engines technically are unable to read actual video content and need more description for the search engine to understand what the video is about.

Steps for Video Publishing and Optimization

When it comes to publishing videos and optimization, it is important to maintain the quality of your videos. One of the best advantages of video publishing is generating great production of quality for your video content. If you plan on hosting a video on your website, incorporating it alongside posts and pages is helpful for generating more momentum. This way audiences are more likely to share your content with their personal connections and people who are already connected to them. This way your video is not a lonely piece unassociated with the rest of your content. Lastly, including transcripts and creating and submitting video sitemaps to Google so your videos become indexed is another great way of maintaining traffic when utilizing video publishing.


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