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Sales vs. Service: Don’t Get Fooled into SEO Companies That Say These 4 Things

Your company is struggling to rank in search results and your business is suffering because it’s hard to find your site on Google. You’re not alone. A lot of small companies have difficulty ranking because they do not necessarily understand the parameters in search engine optimization. You decide to look into hiring an SEO specialist now, to help with marketing and to get your pages to rank more effectively. Great! SEO companies can help in so many ways and finding the right kind of expert can help propel your business. It goes without saying, however, that these things take time.

someone who works at google

Search ranking does not happen overnight since it is a process of familiarity between search engines and your website. Yet, there are a lot of people out there who say they can do all these things for you, yet there is nothing to show for it. When it comes to your money, you want to be sure you’re hiring the right team to help you with your SEO marketing. And since it is more-so a process of improving your rankings rather than a quick solution, you could be scammed into spending thousands of dollars for a long period of time. That is why I bring to you four things fake SEO companies will say to fool you into signing up with them.

“We Know Someone Who Works at Google”

Ah, classic. You get a cold call from someone who apparently works for a small SEO company in the middle of who-knows-where and claims they know someone at Google. Right. And I’m best friends with Tom Brady. Please, only in my dreams.

Even though people who work at Google are human and they could very well have friends who work for SEO companies, that does not mean we should believe everything we hear. And even if a person did know someone at Google, what justice does that serve them? It’s not like a person at Google can magically set your site up with better positioning. No one from Google will associate themselves with such fraudulent behavior and put their job at stake just to help a random company. If someone is working for Google, then they ain’t messing with that.

Another tactic you might come across when someone is trying to sell you on SEO services is signing up before the “next Google update.” This is a fear tactic where they’re basically saying Google is going to punish you if you don’t sign up right away. You can’t fall victim to these types of claims, and even though some companies might mean well when they say this, you shouldn’t feel any pressure to sign up. Ask any legitimate SEO or digital marketing company, and they’ll tell you to never fall for the Google update game. When it comes to the largest search engine in the world, you really should take it as you see it. Learn the new updates so you can continue to engage with users and build a better brand.

“We Guarantee You’ll Rank First”

Not possible. You can’t just guarantee that you’ll get someone’s site to rank first. Maybe someday, after a lot of SEO work, you can see your page climb the ladder, but not instantly. It all depends on how much traffic funnels through to the site. And no one can guarantee immediate traffic either. You can absolutely work on it though to gain more visibility and exposure, but there’s no such thing as a complete guarantee. “I guarantee the Celtics will win the NBA Finals this year.” But that’s just a loaded promise setting myself up for failure. And I would never want to jinx those chances.

“We Are Google Algorithm Experts”

Yeah, and I’m the guy who thought of E=mc². Look, Google algorithms are pretty complicated. Actually, really complicated. And when it’s used for SEO purposes, it’s dynamic and it changes a lot of the time –  so a claim to “know the whole algorithm” is simply a lie. Our competitors do not know the algorithm. Premier Google Partners (such as a fearless leader, founder, and president, Steve Teneriello) do not know the algorithm. Not everyone who works at Google knows the algorithm. The only people who truly know Google’s algorithm are the Google algorithm people. That’s probably not their title but you get the point.

google algorithm

We can run tests and design content to get an idea for what Google favors, but at the end of the day, they’ve taken away all of the opportunities to cheat the system. They favor quality content over duplication and reward things like Click Through Rates and site speed to grant organic traffic with higher rankings.

“You Need to Sign Up with Us to ‘Reserve a Spot’ “

Wait, what? I didn’t know signing up for an SEO plan meant you were reserving a table at a five-star restaurant. There will be times when a con-artist will say their top colleagues are about to be booked on another contract, so you need to sign up with them now to reserve a spot. Really? So, if you decide to sign up two days later, all your work will be substandard? Seems legitimate… NOT.

The only things that “expire” or have a deadline when it comes to signing up for an SEO company are perhaps their pricing deals or giveaway promotions. Other than that, the only thing that should be making you rush to sign up is your desire to have a quality SEO company service your business with your best interests in mind.

I guarantee if you decide to sign up a week or even a month later, that company will still want your business. It’s all mind games at this point and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Ask questions, take time out of the day to talk SEO, and learn about the process. Otherwise, the only person that will leave empty handed is you.

Don’t get fooled into paying thousands of dollars to a fake SEO company.

Go with a transparent company who is looking to help, not one that likes to play cat and mouse.

About the Author: Lauren Donahoo