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Lights Camera, Action: How Getting in Front of the Camera Can Bring In More Cash

Plumbers, Electricians, Service Professionals – not the typical focus on the silver screen, right? But with more and more of consumers shopping online, the necessity to stand apart is becoming more essential to gaining business from your local communities. But how do photos and video change up the equation?

For starters, more than 70% of people convert to a sale after seeing a company’s YouTube video, proving that it’s about more than just getting over stage fright.

Video is quickly moving into one of the most powerful and most utilized tools on the web. With consumer-sweeping apps like Snapchat and Facebook Live, sharing our actions and experiences through video is easier and faster than ever. Longtime video hosting giant YouTube, owned by Google, is now the top way to upload, host, and share videos worldwide. With Google’s mobile features, metrics, and searchability applied to the platform, it is now optimized for SEO with intense measurability.

leverage youtube to bring in cash

Here’s how utilizing camera time and YouTube can help you gain customers, promote your brand, and bring in more revenue.

What do you look like? People are visual creatures and having videos tells them immediately that there is a face behind a logo. It can also share what your trucks and company apparel look like so your customers know what to expect when you arrive on their doorstep, alleviating safety concerns.

What do you have to say? Videos are just as much about content as they are about the visual message. Taking time to create a video that conveys how you treat your customers, what you value as a company, and why you started it will solidify a customer’s decision to book your services. Are you certified, licensed, and insured?

Multi-point validation matters. Having your management, your technicians, and even your customers behind the screen talking about what matters most to them when working for your company can do a lot. The more people that can speak to the nature of your business and integrity, the better.

What’s Your Story?  Between economic impact and feeling like just another number, small businesses are sought after for their down-to-earth people-centered approach. Telling the story of how and why you got started doing what you’re doing can even contradict a consumer’s desire to spend less with a different company. We are all seeking connection more than anything – connecting your customer to your business can reap big benefits.

What Can You Teach Me? Videos and how-tos have taken a lot of the traffic on video media sites. From recipes to repairs, it’s not hard to find a video now to show you just about anything. Company-sponsored videos that teach your customers how to make safe at-home fixes is a great way to garner traffic and help boost confidence in your company. Transparency is rated as one of the highest preferred features of interacting with service companies – consumers want to know pricing, what is included, and what to expect. With scams and a large amount of reports of people being taken advantage of, teaching and sharing with your customers is a great way to convey the message that you’re going to help them make an educated decision, not keep them in the dark or underdeliver.
Now that we understand why it’s important, the next step is to learn how.

Here are a few methods make your time on camera make an impact.

Best Practices for Videography & YouTube:

1. Steady camera work with quality audio – Quality that mimics the Blair Witch Project won’t fly for someone trying to learn from a how-to video. It is worth the investment to find talented artists with good equipment.

2. Host your videos on a Company YouTube page – Your brand should be gaining YOU traffic, not the media company that built the video for you. When you pay for video services, you technically own it, and getting the original file is important to preserve quality. Dropbox is a common platform to use to share large files privately.

3. Citations – Each video you produce should have the company Name, Address, and Phone number in the top of the description of the video.

4. Keywords – In addition to your citation, the description should have a summary of the video that utilizes related keywords.

5. Transcriptions – Turning on automatic transcriptions in the Video Manager will allow YouTube to apply detected scripting to the video in the sequence it appears. If you select Closed Captioning, or the “CC” on your YouTube videos, these words will appear at the bottom of the screen. Double check the auto-filled transcriptions for typos and spelling errors. This is a very important aspect as an astounding 90% of viewers on the web are now watching videos without sound!

6. Turn off auto-play – If you’re in a crowded or shared space, a video or website that automatically starts playing music or video is likely to be closed as fast as possible.

7. Turn off video suggestions – YouTube can have some very interesting and quite unrelated suggestions once your video is finished.

8. Make sure your video is public – This will allow it to be shared through social media platforms.

9. Utilize Cards – Cards are an on-video popup that you can designate to appear at selected times in the video. For example, if you’re talking about an offer or coupon, you can have a “Card” appear with the option to click through a link to go there now. These should feature a Call to Action and can link to the website, landing page, or related link. At the end of the video, it is important to create a card that can take the viewer back to the homepage.

10. Verify your YouTube account – Since this platform is Google owned, connecting the account to your website can help with the SEO value of both platforms. It helps to confirm that they are both verifying the same company, which can further boost your organic rank and even help your videos show up when someone searches for your company on Google.


If you’re ready to stand out and make an impact with your web presence, start leveraging YouTube for engagement and advertising. Let the pro’s at Service Inbound help you maximize getting in front of the camera!

About the Author: Lauren Donahoo