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Google My Business

Ranking your business on Google isn’t as easy as it used to be. Luckily, Service Inbound has a proven technique to get your business to the top of the organic search results, as well as placement in Google’s Map Pack. The foundation of our technique revolves around a high-quality Google My Business Account. Your My Business account carries a massive amount of weight when it comes to building trust with Google. This account allows Google to know your business, where it’s located, and what services you provide. Without a Google My Business account, Google won’t be able to find you – which means your potential clients might not even know you exist. One of the services we provide here at Service Inbound is “Google My Business Setup and Management”.  Let’s start talking about how this all comes into play.

Google My Business Optimization

How Does Service Inbound Use Google My Business?


Service Inbound has a proven track record of helping local businesses show up on the map section of Google. Service Inbound has a deep understanding of how SEO works, which helps us create a system that guarantees the most effective way to utilize Google My Business. As a result, you can boost your SEO rankings, and gain placement in the Map Pack:

  • We use Google My Business as a home base of information for citations, ensuring consistency with your business information. This includes your company name, address, phone number or NAP.
  • We will make sure your main site contains Google My Business, a link back to your Google Plus page, along with all the necessary markup language Google requires, so your business information is consistent across the web.
  • There are certain signals Google looks for when it comes to building trust. These signals include, but aren’t limited to, positive reviews and social media interaction.  We ensure you’re involved with these platforms, so you will appear in the map section faster, and with a better placement.
  • We will keep up with your accounts, updating any changes of information, as well as adding images periodically. This continues to build trust with Google.
  • We will ensure the categories your website is homing in on for SEO make sense.
  • We will utilize site optimization by knowing exactly which terms and keywords trigger a map pack in Google. We will then focus heavily on these keywords, so we can ensure your placement.
  • Within Google My Business, we track how many people:
    • Find You
    • Call You
    • Link to your Advertisement Accounts
  • Finally, we keep track of your overall growth. These statistics help us determine what’s working, as well as detect any possible changes within Google’s algorithm for SEO and Map Pack placement, keeping your business ranking where it needs to be.

Google My Business helps your business run better

Call Service Inbound today for more information on your Google My Business account and find out how it relates to SEO and Google’s Map Pack.