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Email Marketing from Inbox to Invoice: Using Email Blasts for Customer Retention and Business Growth

Email marketing is so important in retaining customers and consistently communicating with them. Even if your beautifully developed email, that includes such knowledgeable and noteworthy information just sits in their inbox all day, it still matters for your company. However, that inbox is actually one of the few places where you can directly communicate with your customers. And that makes all the difference. Since your name or company’s name is in their inbox, then you’re already benefiting from the advantages of email marketing.

Email marketing and ways to capture retention and grow your business from service inbound.

Gaining an Edge on Competitors

By already accessing your clients’ inbox, you’re already gaining an edge on your competitors. It’s a privilege that you shouldn’t brush aside. And once you have entered, it’s all about staying there and keeping your company name in mind. An email list can be a huge advantage to getting in touch with former and current customers directly. There are a few rules of the road you should keep in mind with your overall strategy.

Retention Strategy

The ultimate goal of an email blast for home services is education that promotes action. That can fall into the sales track by educating your customers on what you’re currently offering – like promotions, deals, and coupons! Or it can be instructions on how to check if they need your services – like smoke and CO detector batteries. It can be educational know-how, like giving away good information, which has the power to have your customers turn to you when they do need your services.  However, if you lose your customer off email list, you’ve lost a big opportunity. Hitting “unsubscribe” is a bad thing. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why someone may unsubscribe and how you should approach an email blast with these things in mind.

Timing: You’re far too frequent – spamming an inbox is the FASTEST way to get people to hunt for the text that says “remove me from your list!”. We’ve all done it, so don’t take it too personally, but it can be avoided if you don’t take advantage of having an email address!

Content: You’re not providing value – if your content doesn’t relate, your customers won’t stay.

Value: You’re not competitive enough – if your best deal doesn’t take local competition into mind, you’re going to lose out.

Pet Peeves: You’re not appropriate or correct. Using bad or spammy links, poor formatting or small things like typos and spelling errors take away the credibility of your business very quickly.

Don’t Abuse Your List

If someone unsubscribes, don’t take too much offense but don’t put them back on another list. This goes against best practices and may even turn into a nasty response from the (potential) customer. People are protective of their inbox these days and want to know when and/or how you got their email address, so be sure to tell them why they’re receiving the email! This will help them take down the defensiveness when it comes to getting to the content of your email.

OK, so now you know what not to do. Now, what do you say?

How to Retain Your Customers

There are several methods to retaining your customers through email, it’s just a matter of how effective you are at it. One of the first ways to retain your customers is simple; listen to them! When you decide to give your customers a voice and actually listen to what they think, then it can help your business grow in many ways. The foundation of email marketing is listening because it gives you the opportunity to meet customers’ halfway and provide content that meets their needs. Asking for feedback to tracking their interaction and seeing what images or content gets clicked on the most can help you dissect the effectiveness of your email. Emails should become a gold mine of information for your customers, that way they know you know what they’re looking for, and they know what you’re offering.

customer retention from service inbound.

Develop a Relationship

It might seem weird to think at first. A customer having a relationship with your emails? But think a little bit further than that. If you’re providing consistent and valuable interaction between clients and your emails, then you are cultivating a relationship between the two sides. Email campaigns can directly facilitate this for you because you basically hand delivering, in a sense, content to your customers on a regular basis. Other methods for customer outreach, such as social media and blogging, do not necessarily accomplish this idea of fostering a relationship because they are directed more towards a larger audience. Plus, personalized emails will only increase customer relationships.

Educate Your Subscribers

As human beings, we are all busy people. And as busy people, we might not have the time to hear or listen about a new product and service that your company provides. However, if you’re providing insightful and educational information to your readers, then that is only going to benefit them. Don’t make every email out to sell a product or a way to take their money. Instead, make it something that they can all learn something from. Because at the end of the day, you’re the specialist they look to when something goes wrong. So be the expert continue to provide helpful information that will help them in the long run.

retaining and educating your customers with valuable information from Service Inbound.

Have a Sales Message

Even though it might seem like we’re contradicting ourselves here, bear with me for just a moment. Even though we like to leave the self-centered approach out of our emails, we still want to provide a sales message for our customers to read. The message of what services you’re offering should be the main point of the material. It needs to be focused on your audience and their specific needs. This does not mean it needs to be a full-on sales pitch, a link that takes them directly to your services page or referencing a solution to a common problem can do just the trick. And since these emails should remain consistent over time, you won’t have to stress your sales message as much as the last one.

Make It Interactive

Whether it’s a contest, promotion, or giveaway, running a contest can always help boost retention rate. The contest does not have to be extravagant and the gift does not have to be expensive. All you’re doing is creating interaction between your company and customers, while also lending a little gift to retain their services. It’s a fun way of reaching out. Plus, it gives your business the opportunity to expand with events and promotions for the latter, which will not only build your brand but continue your consistency.

Take advantage of email marketing and benefit from customer retention to grow your business!

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