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Citation Building and Brand Consistency

Citation building is compiling and unifying your citations across local and major search domains. A citation is the collection of information to locate you that includes your name, address, phone number, along with your menu of products or services. Your Google My Business carries your citation, and feeds it to other search engines.

Your citation must be:

  • Verified
  • Updated
  • Accurate
  • Universally correct across the entire Internet

Citation Consistency

Building your citation ensures accuracy in map placement, directories, and search results. The more citations, the better for your business as this shows strength and credibility to your products, services and placement.

Brand consistency is how uniform your company information appears across the web.  It signals to search engines that you are a business with your industry and location. It takes into account the

  • Local search directories
  • Google My Business
  • Web feeder platforms that feed your citation to search engines

Consistency of your information confirms your foundation to consumers. For those consumers who are shopping across multiple search domains, the uniform placement of your citation increases respect and builds credibility. Promoting brand consistency in multiple places also replaces outdated and expired listings.

Brand Consistency

Service Inbound unifies your citations to make you appear consistently over many search options. Then we use our partnerships with data aggregator companies to take advantage of over 200 opportunities to expand your citations across the web and immediately speed up your citation rankings.

Don’t miss customers by failing to address old, expired, and absent citations. See what’s missing and get filled in on how best to make your brand stand out.